Wednesday, January 28, 2009


If you are reading this, then maybe you are very much interested in making money online. Maybe you would ask, “What is an internet affiliate marketing?”. To make it simple, it is like you promote a product and when someone buys that product, you get a high commission from it. But in this case you are doing it online, maybe on your own computer at home.

So, why bother doing it? Simple, nowadays millions of people are using the internet, seeking for information, products to buy, movies to watch and many other stuffs. When you join an affiliate program and build a website or blog about that product, it is possible that some of the people surfing the internet would go to your website or blog and buy the product that you are advertising, and BINGO!! you earn money from the commission you get from advertising that product. You could get around $500 to $20,000 dollars a month depending upon the commission you would get from it. Take note, even if you are EATING,SLEEPING,TAKING A BATH, PLAYING GAMES, etc, you could earn money from it. It is like “THE MONEY IS WORKING FOR YOU!!”

Maybe you would tell me “ WTF!!?? Are you insane??!! This is a scam site again.” IT IS A BIG NO! Why? Here are signs that a site is not a scam site:

1. It has an offline address.

2. It has a support and a forum where you could ask for help and tips from real people.

3. It has good track record of your sales.

MORENICHE is one of the most trusted affiliate program in the internet. Even if you are a beginner in this business, MORENICHE would provide you everything you need.

  • The tracking technology which generates you a unique Affiliate ID (AF10002 for example) and URL that you use to refer online surfers. This ensures you get credited for a conversion.
  • 100's of free websites for you to use. Will also show you how to edit your website and add copy. Most importantly ,will show you techniques on how to attract online surfers and then how to convert them into commisions.
  • Access to high converting product/service offerings. You will have access to highly profitable niches, with unique offerings. This will make it easier for you to earn large commisions on a regular basis.

For those people who are unemployed, jobless, seeking for extra income, still studying, everyone who owns a website, this is for you. There is no harm in trying than doing nothing. Join MoreNiche, become one of the affiliates, start building your website, and start making money at home or office, at your pace and at your own time. Sign-up here!

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